realsurfers- Illustration

“On the Wall.” Hey, I meant to include this illustration with the piece on Cheer Critchlow. I’m still learning how to move things from real (drawings) and sort of real (writings) to the magical realm of digital cloud ether. I now have several unredeemable copies of this drawing on my computer. Somewhere. Incidentally, though I know there are several clumsy wording errors I’d love to edit in the Critchlow piece, somehow the whole thing in ‘edit’ mode got changed to some format I’m scared to approach. At some point I’ll go to the original material, move it to a new ‘new post,’ add the illustration, slick it all up.
That’ll be another day, same time I move the whole John Amsterdam saga into something a reader can read start to finish. Might add more art to that, too, while I’m imagining myself as suddenly computer literate.
Thanks for checking out my site. Please read the piece with the illustration, and, since pimping myself seems to be something I’m weak at, please tell your surf-centric friends about the site. We all love to be part of the worldwide community of surfers; it’s just none of want the rest of us to show up at our favorite surf spot. If you could make an exception for my site… thanks.

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