Gone Workin’

I have a couple of deadlines rapidly approaching, more work stacking up, and, yes, I should have gone on Friday. That was the day. No, I went Tuesday; hoping the wind wouldn’t blow out anything that showed up. It did, but Archie and I, Archie back from months of toiling in Thailand, hot and sticky Thailand, was available, I moved things around, put things (farther) off, and we got a few before the surf was blown out.

Image (58)

Most of us work to buy ourselves some time. Now, Archie went again on Friday, got some waves. I HAD TO work. Had to. If I’d worked on Tuesday, maybe… too many ‘maybes’ to dwell on. If the surf is weak, or, rather, if we can’t see it and assume it’s weak, choppy, too small, maybe we don’t have to think about what we’re missing.

No, that doesn’t really work. Work, work… yeah; I sacrificed some work time to do this. Or maybe it was just some sleep time. Still, when the swell just has to be hitting, maybe while you’re working (and I don’t really want to get into the lifestyle choices of those who don’t just HAVE to work), hopefully on a weekday, just maybe…

Gotta Go.

Real Surfers Coloring Book Cover

When I get the portfolio/book thing sorted out, this might go on the plain brown cover, handy for shipping, stealing…still working on it.

Image (56)

The next thing I need to do is get a collection of my colored-in stuff together, get them reduced, make up a montage for the back cover, all the inside stuff black and white; like, you know, a cheap magazine. Perhaps the portfolio/envelope could be a bit larger than the inside pages so folks can stick some colored pencils inside, whip ’em out when they’re ready to colorize; on a break, at a break (that’s not breaking); out to coffee, on a train; in public or in private. COLOR! Oh, I just did some coloring on this one because, as usual, Trisha’s assessment was, “Done? I’d say overdone?” “Great.” “Is that a question?” “No.”

Image (57)

Water Seeks Its Own Level (illustration)

Because I’m dead-ass serious about getting my coloring book together, I’m searching through some of my older drawings. I redid this one to make it more… I don’t want to say professional; let’s say cleaner.

Image (55)

I’m doing some work for “The Printery” in Port Townsend, with the goal of trading out some of the profit to pay for a few more copies, and maybe something a little more ‘professional.’ Yeah, now I’ll say professional.

In Preparation for the Real Surfers Coloring Book…

realsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfers 002realsurfers 008realsurfers 001realsurfers 009realsurfers 006realsurfers 001realsurfersrealsurfers 001littlemermaidtwo 001

realsurferstriptychoptional 001realsurfersSteveAlone 001SUPmanRhondabandw 001supmanBUCKYbw 001realsurfersquilted 001Image (30)insidebreakSlider

It's meant to be 'world local-er' as in, perhaps, just a bit... yeah, you get it; a homeless person who sleeps under the pier is obviously more local than you.

realsurfersWorldLOCAL 001

Image (32)Image (36)Image (37)Image (43)Image (47)Image (45)Image (51)Image (53)Image (54)

realsurfersAnd I have more. I’m hoping to do about forty images; still figuring out some sort of portfolio arrangement, rather than a book form; open it up, pull one out, do some coloring.

New Illustration for the (Upcoming) Coloring Book

If you draw on it long enough, keep adding to it, it eventually becomes gray.

Image (53)

This is the third version. Partway through the first version I decided to add the beams of light. Too late, too sketch-like. Partway through the second version I decided… well, there were things I liked about each of those, and my evaluator, Trish, liked the first one best. But, partially because I’m working on putting together a ‘real surfers’ coloring book, I went with something, probably a bit more, um, draftsman-like. Nah; can’t quite master that. I have this, and, when I tried to make a copy, this weird tire-tread-like line went down the right side, so, not risking the original, I may not actually color this. Yet.

Really on the coloring book. I’m just trying to figure out how I can do it at a reasonable price, and, of course, how the hell I’ll try to market it.