“Curves,” Boards for Girls Illustration

If it seems like I was going for a sort of Art Nouveau look, well; didn’t get that quite right. Not that I’m apologizing; it’s just… maybe when I add some color. Meanwhile, please feel free to just keep going through the site. Surf or not, we’re always mind-surfing.

UPDATE: 2/15/15- Allright; I got some, um, feedback. Maybe I shouldn’t have relied on my life drawing class from 1974 or so. I swear she looked right (that being anatomically) before I added the towel. Okay, there’s room for a third attempt. How does the board look? Yeah, I know; you want one. I would have drawn it right side up but didn’t want to draw wax or a tail pad. As always, stay tuned, and, as always, deep charging down the line (as in, check out some more). see you.

UPDATE: SLIGHTLY LATER ON 2/15/15- On second thought, since the worst thing about the criticism is that it is correct; I should just delete the drawings (even the color version) until I get it right. Sorry if you missed it.

But, to hold you until I do, here’s a photo of a secret spot inside the harbor near Ocean Shores, taken last week by Adam “Wipeout” James, just in case you want to blame someone the next time you’re there and you see someone else is out. I went to Ocean Shores for four days last spring, blown out the whole time until I was homebound, on the inland side of that same in-the-harbor spit. I did get a t shirt at the local surf shop. Not for me.

UPDATE: MORNING, 02/16/15- Adam Wipeout sent me a photo of his most recent expedition, to a popular unknown/secret spot on the north Olympic coast. I haven’t looked at it yet, but, if I don’t get the drawing right (and I’m thinking wetsuit instead of towel- oh, yes), I’ll post his photo. Meanwhile, next down the line is Stephen Davis’s story. And then there’s… so much more.


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