Second Colorized Illustration- “Tucking In”

realsurfersColorTwo 001

I added a few more lines from the original black and white drawing after I added the color. The original was pretty much a sketch with a lot of white space. At one point I added some thick black lines to sort of frame it. That took away some of the sense of speed. Adding the color may have done the same thing. Hopefully not. I’m ready to draw someone making a bottom turn, all the action at the bottom right (could be the left), with nothing but white space on the top side opposite. No, maybe just the hint of a lip peeling over. No. Yes; maybe.

One thought on “Second Colorized Illustration- “Tucking In”

  1. So … how the heck do you have time to paint houses, search for surf, write all the stuff you do, and still manage to do these incredible detailed drawings??????


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