Oregon Secret Spot Secretly (at least covertly- sort of) Photographed

UPDATE: Here’s a shot of my nephew, Fergus Lynch, at Waikiki Beach in Ilwaco, close to my father’s house in Chinook, Washington. Wait, is this a surf spot? Ooops.


It isn’t really a secret spot, but it is really quite well protected. While I was driving around looking for a place to park where I wouldn’t have to hike past a beachfire attended by what, from a distance, I would have to think were surfers, parked in someone’s back yard; surfers who would, no doubt, be unhappy to see yet another non-local drawn to the unmistakable (to another surfer) long distance view of glassy, heavy, twirling barrels, my nephew, Fergus, did take the hike. Not a surfer (other than the times we hit Seaside Cove while visiting my Dad- Not this trip, however, on Christmas Day), Fergus got some great shots. This is, in my opinion, the best of them.


When it was evident that he was taking photos, one of the surfers came in, walked up to Fergus, said, “You better hide that camera.” With his next breath, he asked, somewhat excitedly and unexpectedly, “Did you get my last ride?” Fergus gave him a digital review of his photos. He had just caught the last of the surfer’s last ride, an attempted kickout close to the rocks. Perhaps Fergus, not looking like a threat, probably more like a hipster (and this is the last time I will ever use the word- hipster, that is, not tourist) tourist, and maybe more so when his parents caught up to him, got away with taking a few shots on what had to be a rare, but definitely epic (by any set of standards) day. What’s amazing to me is how great his eye is. But then, his mother is an artist. Great work, Fergus.







I actually had to bug my sister, Melissa, to bug her son to get the photos to me. Then, because he sent it in one format… not a big part of the story; I have the photos now, and next time I’m down visiting my father, I might take that hike.

UPDATE: Just received photos from Melissa. The last one is of furtive photographer Fergus and his father, Jerome, in disguise. No, I won’t be hiking-in anytime soon.




4 thoughts on “Oregon Secret Spot Secretly (at least covertly- sort of) Photographed

  1. Kudos to your nephew Erwin. He has a budding career as a photog. The lad has great timing on the lens.

    Yea, pics aren’t appreciated by the “locals” here. Been that way from the 70’s like the insidious nature of the PV Bay Boys. Screw ’em! You rock Fergus! You have a talent for capturing a moment. Keep it up!

  2. Despite the bad apples, try to respect the good guys who surf this place, as there are many.

    I know of many not-so-secret spots in the area you call home that I’ve yet to see pictured on your blog. Why?

    • Thanks for the comment, Mr. AR; and I have to agree. I’ve surfed the break with the warm shower quite a few times over the years, when down to visit my father. There is a local crew (we’re talking weekdays, here), and they seemed to be pretty friendly, particularly when I showed up several days in a row. What happens up on the Strait is, especially when one tries to surf during the week, you see people on the beach and in the water you’ve seen before, many of whom, with any increase in crowd, look for someone to blame. I know there’s a laudable tradition of surfers from northern Oregon traveling up to the Strait on an appropriately-angled swell, surfers from the Peninsula traveling south, maybe with a friend to stay with. And, yeah; I get photos from less-known spots, some even on the northern coast; with instructions to not publish, and, if I do, for heaven’s sake (probably not actually heaven’s), don’t reveal where the photos were taken. I do realize we just happened on a rare day between storms and fog; and, maybe most people won’t instantly guess where those clean waves were spinning.

  3. Looks like the point at the Cove. Got to be one of the most famous ‘lefts’ on the west coast. I’ve taken many pictures out there.

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