In Preparation for the Real Surfers Coloring Book…

realsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfersrealsurfers 002realsurfers 008realsurfers 001realsurfers 009realsurfers 006realsurfers 001realsurfersrealsurfers 001littlemermaidtwo 001

realsurferstriptychoptional 001realsurfersSteveAlone 001SUPmanRhondabandw 001supmanBUCKYbw 001realsurfersquilted 001Image (30)insidebreakSlider

It's meant to be 'world local-er' as in, perhaps, just a bit... yeah, you get it; a homeless person who sleeps under the pier is obviously more local than you.

realsurfersWorldLOCAL 001

Image (32)Image (36)Image (37)Image (43)Image (47)Image (45)Image (51)Image (53)Image (54)

realsurfersAnd I have more. I’m hoping to do about forty images; still figuring out some sort of portfolio arrangement, rather than a book form; open it up, pull one out, do some coloring.

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