While You’re Praying for Surf, how about…

…adding World Peace?

image-98Yeah, sure; but, I mean… okay, world peace… and some uncrowded and perfect waves.

MEANWHILE, I’m working on a commissioned (not, like, for a lot of money) poster for Franco Bertucci’s band, Locust Street Taxi.  Here’s kind of the progression:image-97image-99image-96Actually, I had to add a lot of copy in the blank space; and then add color. I’m getting the final poster copied today; I’ll post it tomorrow. Or tonight.

MEANWHILE, Archie continues to recover from his recent stroke; supposedly is using computer. I’ll write him, see what happens. MEANWHILE, continuing to get November weather in October here on the northwest corner; always praying for some alignment of the swell and wind direction… oh, and world peace.image-100


3 thoughts on “While You’re Praying for Surf, how about…

  1. Hey I just found you website while looking for surf spots. New to surfing in this area and in wetsuits. Grew up surfing in Hi till relocation and a back injury cause me to stop. I was unable to paddle prone. After not surfing for years I heard about stand up. Next time I had the chance to try it I fell in love again. Now I own two surfing sup boards and a wetsuit. Gone out to Westport and had a couple good days had a couple day that were not so good. Anyway. I don’t know where to surf and when. So I just head to Westport which is 3.5 hours each way. When I can. I live in Kirkland so it seems everywhere is far. That’s fine. After following you page for a while I’m hoping you can tell me a couple spots to investigate not looking for any secret gems just a spot where a guy on a stand up can get a couple waves. This Friday I was hoping to head to la push or cape flattery. Are those places you would recommend for a stand up? If you had Friday off where would you go? Im would also like to purchase 3 copies of your coloring book. Thanks

    William Patrick Hart Jr.


  2. Hey Erwin! Nice work my friend! Stoked to hear Archie is doing better. Will keep him in my thoughts with the hope of sliding a few with him and you someday?

    Meanwhile, still down here at OC sliding and gliding a few for you and Drew at DoHos. Going to meet up with friends tomorrow for a glider demo. Imagine several 11-12′ boards at your favorite break, a real fiberglass festival! All we need is for Skip Frye to show up and give us all a lesson in style!

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