Some Of What is In, and Some Not in the RealSurfers Coloring Book…

…Mostly stuff that’s in it, with some new drawing added (there are, um, uh, 60 drawings, plus the cover, so, 4 more) and some color versions, at least two of which, sorry to admit, I colored-in before I scanned the black and white versions. I’ve had problems adapting to the new editor at WordPress, mostly that I can’t seem to put images in to a piece at less than full size. So, I went back to the older editing version.

We’ll see how this works. I just printed 18 (would have been 20 but the copy machine jammed and the woman, Liz, at the Printery in Port Townsend, who has been very very helpful, seemed stressed to the max, so, “Hey, you know; 18 is probably enough.” This is the Christmas, 2016 edition, and some are already promised.

I will be getting back to the continuing saga of Stephen Davis, not giving me much in the way of photos from Hawaii; possibly wanting to return some time, and, really, it’s not California; secrets have been kept… but, if you have to have a copy, and you do (and I’m still figuring out if I should risk setting up a PayPal account… you can contact me at


the ghost of Rincon, adapted from a Ron Stoner photo of Miki Dora, both feeling the music

Image (89)Image (90)Image (88)Image (86)Image (84)Image (83)Image (78)Image (79)

image-93image-102image-98Image (80)Image (81)Image (72)Image (70)Image (73)Image (71)

My only woman, Trish (work and surfing, oh, and drawing and writing are the 'other' women) said the dark swoop (and I was trying to keep this simple, possibly for a t shirt design) looked like a big sea snake or something, so, now the drawing's all more complicated

Image (76)Image (77)Image (61)Image (60)Image (59)Image (55)Image (54)Image (53)Image (51)Image (50)Image (47)Image (42)Image (41)Image (36)Image (31)Image (27)Image (26)Image (24)insidebrkSldrClrImage (15)Image (3)Image (13)realsurfersdreams 001realsurfersquiltcolor 001realsurfersColorTwo 001realsurferscrystalballcolor 001surfcultureeventsecond 001realsurfersSwoop 001realsurfersDwnTheLne 001realsurfersdropDecision 001realsurferstriptychoptional 001realsurfersSteveAlone 001realsurfers 002

sorry to interrupt my own story, but in this version I added color to the original larger drawing.


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