Jeffrey Vaughan, Real Surfer

I should have, evidently, downloaded the photos Jeff sent me when I got them. My Go-pro didn’t seem to work when I wanted to take a photo of him and Big Dave. It was trying to hook up with my phone. This may also why my phone’s data was totally used up. That or my checking buoy reports way too often. Anyway, I haven’t much luck in sending photos to my e-mail.

SO, I stole some other photos from Jeff’s cloud dealeo. No, I didn’t subscribe.

Jeff is a longshoreman, working ports from Port Angeles to Aberdeen; working surf spots on the coast, on the Strait. That’s where I’ve run into him over the years. He came up here (I always ask older surfers, because most of us came from elsewhere) from the South Bay area of LA, and has that casual, classic longboard style; smooth two stroke takeoff-standup-bottom turn, working the wave, rides punctuated with an island pullout or, occasionally, a flip through the wave, just for fun.



So, this is Jeff’s shot of Tim Nolan (green jacket, Tim from, way back, Palos Verdes), with some other surfers, Jeffrey’s van/RV/lookout station in the background. Obviously it’s another one of those times when there might be waves, were waves, but no waves at the moment. Moments. Days. Months. “Is this a lull?” “No, man, it’s flat.”

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