Re-Colored Surf Illustrations Scanned and Crooked… but Tight

It’s, I guess, either get a new scanner, stop trying to add square (or, more likely, rectangular) borders to my illustrations, or just keep apologizing for the crookedness. These are two drawings that, now that I’m showing my work in two locations (and thinking about where else I can sell a few), I’ve colored; re-colored in the case of the upper drawing (the first version was too yellow).

Geez, I use these things a lot [ (parentheses) ], probably should apologize for that as well.  Anyway, my emphasis (along with expanding my subject matter) has been on tightening the work (eliminating palm-of-the-hand smudges, coffee dribbles, fingerprints on glass), and making the illustrations ‘cleaner.’

No, I’ll still have way too many lines.

Image (15)

As part of this push, I have some new drawings, but haven’t been able to get them to the printer to get reduced. Yeah, if I had a professional scanner/printer… I don’t.

Image (16)

Anyway, if you’re headed out to the Strait or the West End, stop by Tyler Meek’s Disco Bay Outdoor Exchange, check out my professionally-mounted prints, each one square to the frame (or, more likely, rectangular).



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