Uncle Kreepee Unveils New Changing-Out Robe

I’ve suddenly gotten really busy with work; but I’ve been thinking (way too much) about the current political and social state of things. I wanted to do a (more complete) drawing, or series, on creepy old guys (hoping I don’t fit comfortably in the uncomfortable category).

Maybe I thought of this because, after surfing the last time I did, wanting to surf some more, and knowing I was expected to go back to someone’s house to continue painting; and the surf not working at the second spot; then checking a third spot that also wasn’t breaking; I had a dilemma. I might look like a pervert if I tried changing out of my wetsuit there, very close to dark and no other surfers (or surf) to kind of explain what I was doing.

So, I chose to go to a park close to the house I was working at. Okay, so, it’s almost dark and… oops, a sign on the bathroom says, “Sorry, Closed for the winter.” Now I’m thinking about changing outside my car at a landlocked park. Not a good choice. Then two parents (not together), each with a young child, show up. I mean, who takes their tyke to a park when it’s (as I mentioned) almost dark.

Now, I could have gone to the clients’ house; but then, what? It’s, like, new construction. Possible. Or, “Um, uh, you know I went surfing, and…” People aren’t really fond of sand and whatever else comes out of a full wetsuit in their shower. Or their living room.

No. So, about this time, Trish calls. “What’cha doing?” She was almost done shopping, heading home. “No, I don’t think I’m going to go back to painting. Tomorrow.”

So, I decided to drive home in my wetsuit. Fine. I’ve done this before; but there always seems to be some problem: The time I went home from Trestles to Encinitas in just a towel- flat tire on I-5. The time I stopped at the Jack-in-the-Box in Sequim in my wetsuit- screwed-up order, couldn’t back up, had to get out. “Hey,” the guy behind me in line said, “Did you find some waves?”

Image (37)Okay, so I get home. Trish isn’t home yet. SO, since I have no neighbors close by (best part of having acreage- at least a good part), I strip out of my wetsuit on the (frozen) front lawn, grab a handful of clothing, keys, and head for the house and a warm shower.

Kind of glad we don’t have outside cameras. Creeeee-py.

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