AKA Captain Sketchee…and Other Redrawn Images

Life is all a work in progress. When I was trying to scan a sketch of my new character, Captain Kreepee (the lettering above the drawing already ripped, not cut, off); thinking what I’d say about it, I suddenly thought, “Hey, maybe Captain Sketchee might be a better name for the wannabe surf garb purveyor (whoa; and purveyor sounds kind of similar to pervert, which he may just be).”

Image (43)So, I’ll redraw; tighten it up; and then he’ll be back. Yeah, better research double-breasted suits, also.

MEANWHILE, still tightening-up potential t-shirt art. Here’s where the cheater five drawing is currently: The one top right is the latest.

2 thoughts on “AKA Captain Sketchee…and Other Redrawn Images

  1. Yo Erwin, Hope you are doing well and catching some nice waves. I love the tee shirt designs can I get on then list for a couple for them. I sent out the out the coloring books and postcards I got from you and everybody loved them. Kept a book for myself. Thought you may want a report on that. Let me know what I need to do to grab a couple shirts.(206)9995474

    William Patrick Hart Jr.


  2. I swear that your cheater five drawing inspired me to let a few rip while surfing Lyman’s lefts again.
    On the 7’6″ but it still felt right for the wave shape.
    I ended up stuffing both but the wave ended anyways

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