Hydro-philia: Having a love for, Affinity for, Craving for…

…water.  I’ve been calling my friend ‘Hydrosexual’ Stephen Davis for a while, and, I know because I asked, he’s kind of okay with the nickname. It is appropriate because he loves all (and participates in many) sports having to do with water: Skiing, snowboarding, kite surfing, surfing, ice hockey; he owns a sailboat, works occasionally on a famous catamaran on the Big Island.

BUT, there are, I’m sure, problems related with being a hydrosexual. Some people just don’t understand. AND, realsurfers.net has the problem of spammers, keying off the sexual part of hydrosexual, sending all sorts of fake comments on cheap pills, various enhancements, air jordens (not sure what unseemly thing that might be), knockoff watches, busty babes in backwater bayous, Trump/Putin love notes, ways to win at Russian Roulette… I don’t know; I’m afraid to click on any of them.

AND, WordPress has, one, identified them as spam, and, two, won’t let me open most of them (not that I’ve tried, but, once, sliding the cursor a bit too slowly…). Nothing shocking, just a ‘404’ or some code that means, “If you don’t want to blow up your laptop and/or skew the mid-term elections… move your cursor away… now. NOW!”

Of course, I exaggerate. Nevertheless, forget Hydrosexuality; we’re moving Stephen to Hydrophilia. So, um, let’s see how this sounds: “Hydrophiliac Stephen Davis.” Here’s a couple of shots he sent me, finally, of his Big Island Big Boy Bike. I think, in the outside shot, out there in the glare, there might be waves. Waves!

All right, maybe all real surfers are hydrophiliacs.  I will be checking my “Comment” and “Spam” sections to see if this stirs up Trolls or Trotsky-ites.

MEANWHILE; I have been remiss in reporting Archie Endo is home from in Discovery Bay for a while, continuing to recuperate from the stroke he suffered while working in the fishing industry in Thailand. Archie is a devoted longboarder and an expert in salmon, in particular, as well as other species. He is still working as a middleman, mostly, I think, in Tuna processing and distribution.  He is recovering; and, if we have some chance at actual waves, I plan on taking him with me.

When Archie was last here, Stephen took him to the public pool in Sequim. It did him a lot of good. Sorry, I don’t do pools.

The once and future Archie.


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