Suicide Point, Strait Backside Cheater, Last of Captain Sketchee

I used up most of my discretionary time trying to get my scanner to work for more than one image without three failures. I’m kind of through with the Captain Sketchee drawings, though I’m going to use the “Surf Garb” image, double-sided, to hang over the great sport clothes Tyler Meeks has on offer at the Disco Bay Outdoor Exchange (at least that’s my plan) a great place to stop on your way to or from Hurricane Ridge, the Strait, or the West End; possibly in search of mythical Suicide Point.

Image (54)

After all, many of us scan the Goodwill racks for reasonably priced surf garb and gear; some cruise Craig’s list for equipment; Disco Bay has it without that Goodwill smell, without that Craig’s list, um, excitement (wanted to say risk).

Oh, and Tyler is kind enough to offer some surf-centric local art.  Happy Easter Weekend.

Image (53)

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