Secret Surf Spot, Strait-Skunked, and Scanned Silkscreens

I was talking art, and, in particular, t shirts, with Tyler Meeks over at the Disco Bay Outdoor Exchange on my way back from getting Strait-skunked (again). I had found way more wind than swell in my attempt to beat the big weekend (they’re all big weekends in the summer, summerish, summerush) rush to the Olympic Peninsula (and it’s still on, with the going-back-to-civilization slog still to come).

We’re working on some ideas for silkscreened wearable art. He’s more interested in the landscapes, my ‘still wild’ series; than surf illustrations. That’s fine. He said, “If you had some scanned…” “Wait, I do; and not on my always-crooked home version, but professionally.”

So, yeah; here are three from my most recent scanning of oversized, retro, 1980s attic-finds:


I guess I mentioned a secret spot. Well, maybe not secret, but certainly fickle (fickle-er than other fickle spots on the Strait). I did have the good fortune to get an hour or so in on very small peelers at a spot I’ve actually witnessed, once, but never surfed (by the time I talked myself into going out, it was gone- Poof!). But now I have, with cuts on both hands to prove it. NOTE TO SELF: Wear gloves on shallow reefs.

MEANWHILE: I’m already late headed across the Hood Canal Bridge to do some work in helping to gentrify Bremerton. I probably passed you yesterday as you headed west, and I’ll probably pass you this evening on my way back. Or tomorrow evening. You’ll be in the backup, quite possibly surf-sated from several days at…(fill in the spot).

Civilized? No, “STILL WILD.” Coming soon.


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