Reggie Hustles, Stephen Travels, Wipeout Schmoozes, and…

…I keep on painting.

I just told Adam “Wipeout” James, on the phone, he recounting how I ‘should have been there’ for a session Reggie Smart, who could have been painting with me, did attend. Great; all-time; yeah, yeah, yeah. I had to work. It happens. AND I hadn’t really recovered from my last outing; right ear still plugged-up.

Labor Day is coming up, real surfers have plans. Adam is headed to… oh, can’t really say where; it’s kind of an invitation-only deal somewhere on the coast. “Were you invited,” Trish asked me when I mentioned it. “No, but if I asked Adam…” “Oh, sorry, Dude, but, um, last time, friends of friends showed up and…” “Okay, I’m busy anyway. Kind of a tradition. Last time I didn’t work on Labor Day was… 1971. I had just quit Buddy’s Sign Service, in Oceanside; and was starting work with the government on Tuesday, so…” “Hey, got to go. 1971. Wow.”

Okay, so Reggie Smart, artist, tattoo artist, van restorer, frequent Hobucker, sometimes house painter (who ditched-out early to attend above-mentioned session- “Killer!” he said), is now, in coordination with Sequim/Port Angeles surfboard shaper/glasser Chris Bauer, designing and manufacturing Local Stoke wave machines.


Meanwhile, Stephen R. Davis, having survived Hurricane Lane (outside the usual hurricane lane) on the Big Island; and having helped Cap patch up the catamaran the good Captain (I’ve still never gotten a name) is trying to sell; is headed, and, with Steve, this could change; on a red eye to Seattle, ride (not with me- too late at night) to Port Townsend, work on the brakes on his van; drive to Portland to meet with Lisa, up from San Diego, and head somewhere on the Oregon/Washington coast. Again, I wasn’t invited. But, he claims he’s available to work on Tuesday. Great.

Here are a couple of shots Stephen sent from Hawaii:

MEANWHILE, I’ve got to get going; trying to finish this house before it rains.  HOPEFULLY, you have some plans for the Labor Day weekend.

Or, maybe I’m just saying I’m working so I can sneak off to some unnamed spot; not that you wouldn’t be invited; if you asked. Good luck; gotta go.

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