Screaming and Yelling

My laptop… Actually Trisha’s laptop… Whichever, it’s, evidently, no, almost certainly dead. I’m writing this on my Amazon Fire tablet, and the fact that I’m hunting and pecking, when I can type about 50 words a minute only adds to the frustration.

But, though I really have no clue as to what we’ve lost, I may have saved the thirty thousand plus words I have written for my novel, “Swamis”.

This was with the phone help of our daughter, Drucilla, with 3% life left on the only one of three batteries that would allow the laptop to start up at all (and after the repair program evidently erased Microsoft Word from the computer), and with Dru’s usually cool under pressure dad (at least I claim to be) freaking the duck out (hey, that was supposed to be ‘the fuck ‘ out, auto-correcting overlords), and unable to perform what she insisted is a basic and simple task of moving a file to a thumb drive…

And the battery life draining, draining, draining.

So, thanks, Dru.

Now. Now I don’t know, don’t know when we’ll get another laptop, not sure if the version saved us compatible with… I am just imagining breaking out an abandoned P.C. and… or taking my thumbdrive to the library or the community center… or… I just don’t know.

But I am not, currently, screaming and yelling and cursing and… not panicking.

Maybe later. What I do know is the novel is pretty important to me.

One other thing. Most of the artwork I have scanned appears somewhere in realsurfers, and… let’s check that out.

Image (92)

One thought on “Screaming and Yelling

  1. Happened to me, too. No 30,000 word novel… just my entire life in bits & bytes. Oh, and my wife’s entire Graduate school folder full of everything she had completed, and/or would need for graduation. Fortunately, the surf gods were with me, and after a quick eBay search for an identical laptop, and an almost effortless (key word, almost) hard drive transplant into the newly arrived laptop… “POOF”!

    The whirling, whining sounds of life could be heard as the recipient laptop of the freshly transplanted hard drive’s screen flickered to life.

    And alas, there before my eyes… my entire life, there, in bits & bytes. Oh, and a folder marked Sabrina’s Graduate Shut. Ummm… that’s supposed to be shot. Shut. Dann autocorrect.

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