Arrrrrr- It’s a New COmputer and…wherrrr…

…I haven’t quite figured out the thing. It’s super confusing but claims it isn’t.

I did have my portion of our computer pretty much dialed-in. And then… it melted/failed/broke/blew up. And then, getting familiar with the Amazon Fire tablet while waiting for the new computer, I’m now wondering how long it will take to figure this thing out.

I did figure out how to work on my novel, “Swamis,” so, that’s good. Did I mention I just got the new unit today? Well, in the time I was waiting, I did go to the version I printed out, 60-some pages, scribbling changes all over each page. So now I’ve been adding those changes to the thumb drive-saved version.

This is a lot like work. Shit. Work. Complicating this, this morning, waiting for the local Post Office to get organized, going over a few more pages, I discovered that, for the sake of continuity, and for the story to make sense, I will have to move major chapters around. Again, this is kind of like work. Who knew?

Meanwhile, I did manage, after driving out and back and out again, at one point (point break, not breaking) being very close to a major arrest scene (pretty much every police officer in Clallam County) in a triple murder, and enduring a double skunking on one trip (though, if I had gone back to my last resort spot, I might have found surfable waves), find some waves at the just-mentioned but unnamed location.

So, fun.

Here’s something: If you hoot on good rides by surfers you don’t actually know, though I would never recommend hooting anything but a good ride, you might make a new friend. Or, maybe that person might forgive you when you steal a wave or two.

Not that I recommend theft.

I do recommend calling out waves. If you say, say “Number three,” it automatically means waves one, two, four, five, etc. are up for grabs. Seems kind of democratic. Friendly.

Okay, let’s see if I can get this thing onto the world wide web.


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