Ghost Moon illustration(s)

Okay, so, as promised, I have attempted to duplicate the photo I saw of a ghost moon next to a setting sun.  Because the print shop in Sequim made the mistake of changing the black areas to red, I attempted to duplicate that effect when I took this drawing to the Printery in Port Townsend.

Unfortunately, Liz, who always did my work for me there in the past, though not with that ‘customer is always right’ kind of attitude, quit a week or so ago, and I was left with two newbies, one who just out and out said she doesn’t know diddley about the various machines and the processes that turn a white and black drawing into a black and white one, or, even, a red and black version, much less turning a 11 by 17 into something that fits onto 8 1/2 by eleven.

The other newbie was willing, but… oh, yeah, Liz did complain about the copier I needed for my tasks, and did say it would probably take two people to replace her, and, whoa; new copier, two replacements… we did get the results, mostly, that I wanted, AND, when another customer came in, the second woman told him he had to wait for my tasks to be completed.  SO, great.

BUT, while the Sequim newbies had a variety of colors available, the new PT woman and I only found the option of doing the drawing in red, AND, though our daughter, Dru, loved the magenta/red version of the last drawing, Trish says the new one looks better in black, though maybe blue might be okay.  Not an option at this time.

Make up your own mind.

Scan_20190720 (2)




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