Sometimes Westport is an Option

I try not to go to Westport.  It’s a ways down surf route 101, with a shortcut here and Aberdeen there, and it can be crowded, super crowded, blown out, with an attitude from depression-central to carnival-like.  Sometimes, and maybe it was because Stephen Davis made his first trip there, it can be…



If you check the photo, there’s someone bobbing around inside, and someone on the wave in the middle, soup well over his head.  Uh, yeah; this is when the crowd thins out.

The Groins are sometimes (hope this isn’t a secret) an option.  Though it certainly looks rideable, Steve, after getting a few bombs at the jetty, turned it down.


I might have selected this, but, again, I didn’t go. To round out Steve’s Westport escapade, he made the required pilgrimage to Al Perlee’s SURF SHOP, got some of Al’s cheery/gruff repartee.  “Oh,” I asked, “he wasn’t really nice?” “Not really.” “Well, Steve; all I can say is (channeling “Chinatown”), forget about it; it’s Westport.

ART ROUNDUP- Occasionally I have to put some of my stuff on display; partially because I’m always begging my clients (and non-clients, pretty much everyone I speak with) to check out this site.  I do get more selective each time.



3 thoughts on “Sometimes Westport is an Option

  1. Erwin, your words speak volumes of Westport. For 45 years WP has been my “local” but stemming back to 1991 and the breach the once iconic “Jetty Wave” is no more ‘cept for the right tide, swell, no wind and a period of 12″ or greater. Doesn’t happen ‘nough for this old surf rat. Al, I gather Steve doesn’t know Al, but I do! Gruff, yea, off setting to newbies in his shop, yea. But peel off the veneer and look at the man, his son Dane and his daughter Hana and the trials and tribulations of raising two children to adulthood as now two great adults and now parents in a depressed fishing community and you of all people know Al who he is……..a remarkable human being like yourself raising kids in a tough environment. I could relate the years Al and I have surfed and raised kids, traveling to California for surf and contest and just enjoying the comrade with great friends and surfers over the years. Yea, Al is gruff but Al is Al and first impressions don’t make the person.

    As always your words and art make my day! Keep it up and now Fall is here, let’s grab a few waves huh?


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