Logo me This

This is partially for Tyler Meeks, owner/operator of DISCO BAY OUTDOOR EXCHANGE.  We’re teaming up on some t-shirts; and have been working on the logo design for a while.  We have some accumulated shirts, mostly dark, in a variety of colors and sizes, plus black.

I have some dark and black shirts ready for my next LIMITED EDITION of custom ORIGINAL ERWIN shirts, and a new design (again, based on one of my favorite illustrations), but wanted to rework my logo.

SO, here’s the Disco Bay Logo (and I’ll probably redo the lettering) necessary for printing white on darker shirts:  And here’s my current logo and my next graphic, logo on the front, image on the back:

Scan_20191009 (3)


Scan_20191009 (2)

It is a bit of a brain tease, but you/we/I have to imagine everything that is black on the illustration being white on the t-shirt.  Hoping to go to the screenprinters tomorrow.  Shirts available soon.  Gotta go.


One thought on “Logo me This

  1. Just beyond the seclusion and protection of Discovery Bay lays a small protruding land which some would say sees brief moments of brilliance. Though highlighting such a land, region or arguably anywhere beyond on a persons garment breaks the code? Our land may be promoted in all forms minus digital photographs except for some lands like Westhaven (which by the way if you are not aware the State my relinquish some of its rolling dunes and bogs as the Scottish Links Lords have returned)? Irregardless we’d display all of those on one’s self, as well a the Raven wave variations too if those are also in the garment. All most very excellent illustrations.

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