Dos Equis, Please, No Corona for Me

Tonight is the night for my reading at the Port Townsend Library.  6pm, Uptown Port Townsend.  In case you’re not currently hunkered down, self-quarantining, catching up on all the latest Netflix and Prime Videos, claiming to be working from home, maybe you can risk it.

I’m nervous as shit, don’t mind saying, and, whether the whole affair, me trying to read both a piece of fiction AND an excerpt from “Swamis,” (only a hundred or so pages out of 254 left to re-re-re-edit) turns out to be extra-cheesy or dignified; bearing in mind there’s a bluegrass band, chili for snacks, and a cowboy poet who once played Wild Bill Hickock in Tombstone (or some other reenactment center); and that I’m involved, my money would be on cheesy.

Either way I’ll update tomorrow, or, if I’m just too embarrassed… well, still tomorrow.

Meanwhile, don’t touch your face!

WAIT; here’s the joke I told Librarian/soul rebel Keith Darrock I’d open with: I raise my hands in the sort of universal gesture of peace (no, the other one, hands together), and say, “To quote our esteemed leader, ‘Obama-ste.'”

Probably not.  My time will be limited and I promised not to read at mach speed.

Even though I can.


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