It looks like I may not be able to get stuff done at my local print shop for a while.  Surf zones are increasingly off limits.  Everybody is freaking freaking-out.  We’ll adapt.  We’ll survive.  Maybe we’ll be stronger.  Maybe we’ll be nicer, kinder, more connected; able to give up a set wave or two.  Easy to say; I’m still freaking out, but, another little thing; it’s actually to freak out to the max for an extended length of time.  We don’t get the time back we spent stressed, we can’t freaking control most of the things that are stressing us; it kind of makes the point that we should, perhaps, be calm.

Adam Wipeout, after I texted him that he shouldn’t spread rumors about, like, the governor shutting shit down, that we should try to spread calm, texted back, and it’s evidently a quote from the John Goodman character in “The Big Lebowski,” “I’m calmer than you are, Dude.”

Yeah.  No doubt.  Still, it’s probably better than the usual texts I get from Adam, when he scores and I could have been there; “You would have loved it, Dude.”

As a siding guy once told me, somewhere after the fifteenth time or so that I referred to him as “The Siding Dude,” “Hey, don’t call me dude, Man.”

For some reason, Stephen Davis thought this was extremely funny when I told him the story yesterday, probably for the fifth or sixth time.

Laughter in the time of Corona.  Stress laughter.  I don’t really care; I’m just trying to get through.  Meanwhile, with fifty or so pages of “Swamis” to edit for the many-ith time; I better take advantage of this down time to finish it.  And I will.

Scan_20200322 (2)


Here’s a side by side, original, reversed image and black for white, reverse reverse.

Remember, we’re all in this together; separately together.  Surf when you can. Be safe.

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