A Few Fantasy Island Fotos

Former Olympic Peninsula ripper Stephen R. Davis is Big Island-ing it; not sure if he’ll come back to the 4-3 mil-demanding waters of the Strait and the Northeast Pacific; or why he would. With all the political drama and with the omni-depressing omnipresent Covid continuing, hey, how about a few snaps from warm water?

I think this is actually Maui, but, hey, look at the guy just throwing a hula halo for, not sure, just because he’s stoked.
So, yeah; pretty, but wait, there’s someone airing it out! Ow!! It’s Makena, formerly of Port Townsend, named after a mountain (yeah, I asked, figured it was, like, McKinna. Nope) climbing on some sort of updraft.

Steve did send me another shot of him, but, for some reason I couldn’t upload it, so, imagine the next move after this one, climbing back into the hook, sliding on down the line. Thanks, Steve; I’ll be thinking of you when I crank up the generator the next time the power goes out.

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