Spinning Lights Overlapping

Since I haven’t a real clue as to how to market my manuscript for “Swamis,” I have decided to…

…let me rethink this.

Um, yeah; I’m doing some… adapting. Episodes.

Episode One starts with surfing, ends with Joey’s father sideslipping off the highway to his death.

So, yeah; there’s some drama. Visual stuff. Critical to this is the bubblegum lights on top of old police vehicles, now replaced by light bars, lights around the radiator, all kinds of lights. But, back in 1969… Here’s an example:

See the source image
This unit has the varmint light on top. More often there would be one with each of the side view mirrors.

So, imagine the light (the bubblegum nickname is in reference to long-gone machines from which one could extract a ball of bubblegum) spinning… imagine whatever you know of late 60s psychedelic light shows; this is part of what Joey sees when he goes into a state of “Absensce,” a medical term, from the French, referring to those periods of time when someone who suffers from, say, epilepsy, seems to be ‘out of it,’ not there, possibly with the ‘thousand yard stare.’

“Swamis,” Episode One- “Ten seconds.”

Working on it.

Oh, and there are two encounters with Virginia Cole, setting up for… more.

In Episode Two…

Yeah, teasers; building the hype… from the laptop I share with Trish, from my living room, when I have time. And now I don’t. If you’re out looking for waves, good luck.

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