Back to Swamis

My daughter, Dru, and this is partially because one of the various jobs she has taken has her selling books and cards and artwork and such items at a store called WISH in Port Gamble, gave me, for Fathers Day, a set of skin tone markers, double-ended, one side for narrow lines, the other for brush (type) strokes.

I haven’t done much drawing since I became obsessed with completing the manuscript for “Swamis.” I have completed a way better version, sent it out to some folks, and started working on a treatment for… I don’t want to reveal too much about this except that writing for a visual medium is forcing me to focus. No, not just Hollywooding it up; but, yes, it does mean eliminating way too much of the exposition and side characters and side stories that I am unwilling to part with otherwise.

Prose Retentive Disorder, obviously.

Here is my first attempt to do something with Dru’s gift:

It didn’t start out to be Chulo; but now I’m saying it is Chulo.

Let’s see how this compare to an earlier illustration:

Close enough for now. Yeah, Chulo looked like Jesus, or what we believe Jesus looks like.

Meanwhile, hopefully you’re surviving the heat. A few feet into the local water and… ah!

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