Sometimes a Burn is…

…accidental? Not a sign of disrespect? A mistake?

I have been thinking about burning, getting burned; it’s just, if I want to get my work done ahead of rain and while there is some chance of… something; I have to get going. To work.

Burns. First degree, second degree, third degree, go. Oh, and what about a party wave? No, not necessarily a believer; unless it’s just for fun and between consenting, uh, consenters; and, even then…

I had a couple of reasonable explanations for selecting this photo; let’s go with facial expressions. Captions: Him- “I’m gonna nail this bottom turn, then foot-over-foot to the nose, and then… damn; should’a hooked up my GoPro.” Her- “Hope I don’t have to run over this dickwad.”

Meanwhile, while I’m trying to hype myself up enough to face another day of brushing oil-based stain on sun-baked shingles; I am also reminding myself that, when in the water, one should just be calm, patient, and be sure to adhere to the established rules of etiquette and decorum and… yeah, all that.

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