Air and Sharing and Sparing

“That’s what I would be listening to if I had a choice.” That is what I have been known to say if, say, someone drives past with a loud music playing, particularly if it’s music I don’t particularly, like, dig. See? By the same logic, I should apologize to anyone who is forced to hear my overloud voice, say, on the beach while I’m in the water. Or, of course, vice-versa.

One strain of the increasingly strained argument for not getting a vaccination against Covid 19 and its variants, is that, no matter our status, vaccination-wise, we’re all just passing the virus back and forth. Anyone of us can give any other one of us the dreaded, feared, under-and-overestimated illness.

I don’t really, truly, one hundred percent know all the truly true shit. I am vaccinated, and I was kind of thinking- actually I have been saying to my unvaccinated friends that I can kill them, but they can’t kill me. But, but, but, but, again, I do know that I have to wear the dreaded, hated mask if I am sharing air space with… anyone.

It didn’t look, originally, like I could stick this poster here. And then it appeared. Conspiracy. Obviously.
See the source image
Not the image I had in mind. Originally. But, well, it is true, so…

I used to smoke. Let me rephrase. I have reborn lungs. I am a former smoker. Among the stupider things I’ve done. Not wearing adequate ear protection, yeah, that’s another one. Being a painter, not wearing a mask when spraying- yeah, it is a longer list than I would care to go into.

But, I’ve been lucky. Still going. It’s kind of a similar argument with the Covid precautions. I just heard someone say (yes, it was on NPR) that, if you’re sharing air with another, you should be… considerate; as in, consider what could happen to that person, or yourself… hey, I have to get off the computer. Our grandson, Nate, is about to graduate from Navy boot camp. We can watch the ceremony via livestream.

Our son, his father, who could have watched live and in person, also gets to livestream. Whoops, didn’t get vaccinated.

Anyway, not really preaching; more like complaining.

But, if I am preaching; please, for the consideration of other surfers, please do not camp overnight in places that are actually private property, access to occasional waves at the discretion of the owners. As far as sharing waves…

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