…And One in the Barrel

OKAY, so I haven’t deleted my previous post about Putin and his grievances. I will add, “This isn’t war; this is premeditated murder.” I heard it somewhere. I believe it applies to the illegal, uncalled-for, unprovoked, immoral and unethical Ukraine invasion; in which innocent blood will be spilled for the sake of some lunatic’s power lust. I should also add, “Puck Futin!” Or, okay, to be totally clear, “Fuck Putin!”

SO, a day and a half after I vented a bit, here is something surfing related:

Makena, formerly of Port Townsend, getting barreled at some Big Island secret spot.
Another shot of Makena
And one more for good measure

I am not trying to make Makena famous. He is doing that for himself. Stephen R. Davis is my contact with the surfer I never actually met. Evidently Makena has gotten some sponsorships, spent some time on the North Shore of Oahu during this season (and no doubt others), and, obviously, rips.

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