Lost Between the Lines

This drawing is from a copy of the original black and white, which I (and at one point I was afraid I hadn’t) saved. The colors seem to get muted in the copying process, so I probably got a little over-amped (not unusual). A different mood could be achieved by going with different colors, but, having started with yellow, it got a bit stained-glassy.

realsurfersreflectionmancolor 001My original thought was to have a darker mood, a surfer swimming in, a wave behind him about to break. I also thought, once I got on the reflected image, that another reflection, high in the wave might be… okay, you’re imagining it now. And, I did want to keep some white space, keep it cleaner. Simpler. I just didn’t. Maybe I couldn’t. However, I spent some time (mostly wasted it) looking for images of a woman in a similar situation, thinking, yeah, triptych, this one on the left, the drawing on the right with a woman, maybe more in the actual wave, that wave breaking the opposite way; and the middle drawing just, simple, the wave between them. Okay, you’re seeing that now. And I’m seeing it.

That’s the first step. Only; but probably the most important one. The rest is scratching and coloring, sometimes in between the lines.

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