“Caught Inside” triptych, in progress

realsurfersreflectionmancolor 001realsurferstriptychoptional 001realsurferstriptychthree 001

It’s not like I’m looking for a vote, but: I did two versions for the right side of a possible triptych. I did the one on the right first but wasn’t completely stoked, mainly, I must admit, because the woman just didn’t look too attractive. Trish voted (because I asked her to), for the one on the right. This was before I did more work on the middle one, of which Trish said, “She’s prettier, but she doesn’t look happy.” “Oh, but the other one’s not too attractive.” “Either is the guy in the first one.” Well, maybe with some color… check back later. Thanks.

realsurferstriptychcolorright 001realsurferstriprightcolor 001

so, a little color and… I still like the one on the right, but… later on this one.

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