Too Sick to Surf, Not Too Sick to Draw

…or write. I don’t get sick often, but downtime during painting season means I must take some advantage of being home. I did a first draft of a short story, got my latest batch of “New Yorker” cartoon submissions doctored-up and sent off, semi-binge-watched a documentary series on Roku with Trish, and did these two drawings.

Yeah, they do come with some explanation.

Image (203)Image (202)

Originally, the first drawing had the car at the top, which I was pretty happy with; and then the rest of the drawing went south (not on surf route 101). So, I redid the top, probably a little cleaner, and added the lettering. Fine. Now I’m not completely pleased with the bottom drawing. So, maybe next time I’m sick…

The lower drawing… still thinking. I did want to do a color version just to see if it fits with my sort of ‘in the cathedral’ concept for the piece, but, actually, I’m feeling a lot better, and I’ve got to go. Later.

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