It’s The Day After World Surfing Day…

…AND, no, I didn’t go surfing yesterday; and I’m not going today. NOW, others did, and others are. In fact, I believe my friend Adam “Wipeout” James is somewhere out on the coast for the combo swell and the combo event, today being Fathers’ Day and all.

AND, I do have a couple of friends who surfed late enough Friday, June 16, in the Northwest dusk, with sundown after 9pm, to almost be surfing on World Surfing Day.

It’s painting season, delayed by a cold and rainy winter, that after an early and rainy fall; and I need a really good reason, or a really solid swell, to justify heading out in search of the elusive Strait wave. OKAY, I did sneak off once last week. Couldn’t help it.

In looking for a photo to go along with this ‘why you don’t have to worry about me snaking you right now’ piece, really googling for a shot of a car, in the northwest, with surfboards on top, and, maybe, one of those cartop carriers I always mistake for surfboards while I’m heading for a job and some lucky folks are headed in search of the, as mentioned, elusive Strait waves, or even the combo coast variety.


WHOA! What I found is one of my own photos, with (and I partially staged this- “Hey, you, park here. Okay?”) my car in the foreground (the car that’s still up at a car repair shop in PA with mice/wiring issues that left me stranded at the North by Northwest Surf Shop, three or four hours of hanging out not necessarily improving my relationship with Frank, or Trish, who had to come up and rescue me). There actually had been at least one more VW, part of the (perhaps, it’s a guess) loosely connected (if not united), definitely hip if not hipsters tribe/group of surfer/adventurers another friend (probably one of the earlier alluded-to friends, I don’t have THAT many) as ‘The Westfalians.’ You may note the semi-matching sweaters and designer dog.

NOW, obviously, there are absolutely NO WAVES; and, yet, one might wonder why there’s no board on the soft racks. AND NOW I’m wondering, trying to remember.  Wa-aaa-ves. AND NOW I’m getting ready to go to work. Good luck.

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