Catching Up On New Stuff Before…

…the new year. If I get a chance I’ll go through my notebook to see how many times I surfed at the various (not all secret) locations. this is without any big trips to, um, anywhere; don’t think I even surfed Seaside; definitely didn’t surf Westport.

I do keep track of the times I’ve been skunked.  Not all of them; but I do remember the times I pulled up to underwhelming-but-overcrowded.  Then there are the times, like yesterday, when there was a window; and I missed it.  Half an hour this way or that can make all the difference.

Spitting, scary pits can turn to clunky slop. Durnnnnn; and now I have all my gear dry and loaded; and there’s nothing in the near forecast.  So, I’m ready for 2018. Here are some new or just-scanned drawings:

May you squeeze through a few windows and into a few spitting, scary pits.Image (6)


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