Solstice Sun, In Case You Missed It…

…I didn’t miss the sun; did miss some waves. I really wanted to do a second surgical strike, a week after my last one… didn’t work out; wind on the waters when the window opened, me waiting forty-five minutes, hoping to see one rideable wave in otherwise perfect (shimmering, diamond fields, lines that could have been waves but weren’t) conditions.

Almost, story of the Strait.


Next time.

Next                                                                                                    time…

3 thoughts on “Solstice Sun, In Case You Missed It…

  1. Dear Erwin – do you have your art hanging anywhere, such as a gallery? I am an old friend of your sister Melissa from college in Chico, CA. My family and I will be driving up to Olympic Nat’l Park and I’m thinking we may be passing thru some of the areas that you write about? — thank you for your posts and artwork! ~ Michelle

    • Michelle, I do have some pieces at the Disco Bay Outdoor Exchange in Discovery Bay. It’s after the connection of Highway 104 and 101, south of Sequim, and is open Thursday through Monday, 10 am to 6pm. Have fun in the park. “Still Wild.”

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