When the Surf is Flat, May as Well…


Then again, there’s flat and there’s small but fun, and, if, like Adam Wipeout on the fourth of July, you get up really early (and know where to go), there might be some ‘butt barrels’ and some offshore wind to hold them up.

And then there’s work.

These are (almost) the last of my saved-from-the-attic, scanned-on-the-blueprint-copier silkscreens from the 1980s.

erwin_0001Serwin_0003When I post something on realsurfers, it also gets posted on Facebook and my Twitter feed. I’ll have to check out which image goes on to Twitter. I’d hate to mess up all the name-calling, blatant advertising and political tit-for-tatting with nudity, even faded-out, fairly-tasteful, thirty year old nudity.

Meanwhile, checking the forecasts; always hoping some freak swell might just… yeah, I’m going, going to work. See you.

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