The Customary Holiday Shutdown

Trish and I are at our son Sean’s house, down Surf Route 101, hooking up our computer, checking out the 1200 or so e-mails in our in box. What? Yeah; we’ve been doing without. Not going off the grid by choice, our land line, then our internet went out, like, two weeks ago.

This was after our well/water lines had issues. It’s pretty much a holiday tradition. Last year our modem went out during the holiday weekend; fixed the day after Christmas.

This year, not so lucky. I missed several sessions where, allegedly, waves broke on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Luckily, I did get in on one session.

Luckily for me, and for Trish, she has been able to do Facebook on her phone. Yeah, it’s all smaller, harder to write long responses, but, at least she can keep up with the number of local folks also pissed off at CenturyLink.

Oh, I would love to get back the time I’ve spent, pretty much every day, on the (cell) phone, waiting to talk to a representative, each of whom told me it would be fixed that day.

So, far, nope.

Meanwhile, in the time I’ve not spent looking for leaks, trying to figure out wiring after, and this is connected to the replacement of the pump, and the time I didn’t waste online, I did a lot of work on “Swamis,” the novel.

I’m up to about 25,000 words, some of them only used once; and I’ve continued to edit the earlier chapters.

Anyway, we’re ordering pizza and I’ve got to get off the computer. We’re planning on cruising into the HamaHama Oyster Company on the way back up.

So, I’ll get back to some new realsurfers stuff. as people who work for the government keep saying, and as skunked surfers tell each other, maybe tomorrow.

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